outside my comfort zone

i’m naturally a private person, like my mom, so this doesn’t come easily. Tbh there’s been plenty of times I overshot and ended up dishing out tmi (like that time I told a room full of strangers that I love the naked people at croquis cafe) (and also that time I told the internet just now :’D ) but I’m going to give this a go anyways. it’s useful to share, it goes to waste otherwise.

“Nothing added to my disquisition, & life allowed to waste like a tap left running.” – Virginia Woolf


these fierce & supreme witches

I listen to a lot of podcasts, so I’m gonna to start sharing and sorting through what I’m picking up.

For now though, I just want to mention one podcast in particular that has inspired the back story of a character in a comic I wanna hammer out before Angouleme Comics Festival at the end of this month. I’m calling it Astro Nana.

And the podcast in particular is called Flash Forward: Every week a new future.  It’s fun, check it out : )

I’ll be posting sketches on my tumblr @chazberi

see you later x